Top 5 yaoi anatomies



I made lolita style clothes of the characters of  ”Stardust Crusaders” as a motif :3

Mmm wanna make more style… Especially Star Platinum, Josuke, 4th Jotaro and 6th Jotaro! X3

He… stood quietly on the stairs that led up to my shop’s second floor.

His cold gaze felt as if it was trying to stealthily pierce my heart.

His golden hair, his near-transparent alabaster skin, and his strange sensuality made it hard to believe he was a man.

I had heard about him from Mr. Joestar, so I knew immediately that he was Dio, back from the Atlantic’s depths!

"I hear that you have powers that ordinary people don’t.

I’d be grateful if you showed them to me.”

It was then that I found him truly terrifying.

His words brought such peace to my soul.

They had a dangerous sweetness.

That’s exactly why he was terrifying!

"Come, Abdul…"

I ran for my life.


Dat’s Deep


DIO before and after colors inversion. It’s simply awesome :D

Picures from new Jojo anime opening „STAND PROUD”

They are aware of my existence.

The new power I have acquired by obtaining Jonathan’s body… the Stand!

This Stand also affects the bodies of his descendants.

Advantages and disadvantages come hand in hand. That is inevitable.

I must eliminate them…

I must eradicate Jonathan’s family.

At the time, I was weakened…

Because I was only a head.

If I hadn’t stolen Jonathan Joestar’s body…

If I didn’t have his energy,I would have had very little.

I never could have survived at the bottom of the ocean for a hundred years.

But this body itself is like a bond between parent and child, and it seems to connect with its descendants.


there it is
in color
dio’s trash dress


there it is

in color

dio’s trash dress